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Happy National Wine Day!

For National Wine Day this year I’m going to talk about all things Malbec related and give you some inspiration for what to buy next time you go to the liquor store.

First off, what is a Malbec?

A Malbec is a full-bodied red wine that is grown and produced mainly in Argentina. The taste of a Malbec could be described as plump and juicy with a smoky finish. Fruits such as black cherry, pomegranate, plum, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, and raisins are found in these wines. And, a lot of flavors such as cocoa, coffee, molasses, black pepper, tobacco, and mocha are also pumped into these delicious bottles. The acidity and tannins in Malbecs are moderate which make this type of wine highly drinkable.

But, Malbec grapes are from France!

True. The Malbec grape is from the south-west of France. The inky-dark purple grape is a natural cross between two varieties hailing from Montpellier and Gaillac. Now, the majority of Malbec is found in Cahors, France, a small town along a river that flows towards Bordeaux. Unfortunately, due to frost and severe blight, the acreage of Malbec in France is declining. But, the vineyards are surging in Argentina! The high elevation of the vineyards in Mendoza produce the finest Malbecs in the world. Personally, I will continue to purchase Malbecs that are only produced in Argentina. The quality surpasses the rest.

Here are some fantastic Malbecs under $20 you can enjoy for National Wine Day!

Cheers, and Happy Wine Day!


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