Anheuser Busch Opportunity Alert – NEEDED Beer Drinking Intern

Your dream job is waiting! 

Have you longed for the day where your boss was okay with you drinking on the job?  Well, this is the opportunity for you. Anheuser Busch is looking for a Natty Light intern that will get paid to put their drinking skills to work.  Some requirements of the job would be to perform beer tastings, be an ambassador to the brand,create “fire content”on all of the Natty Light social channels, design “sick swag”,and be “natty qualified.” Of course, you also have to be 21 years old to apply.

Make sure you send in your application before May 19th, or you won’t have a shot at this awesome internship!  And, definitely make sure that you don’t come off too strong when you apply.  One of Natty Light’s qualifications is to “be outgoing, but not annoying…” This paid internship lasts June 10th– August 2ndHere’s where you can apply!

I wish you luck, my friend!