The Rock and His Tequila

The People’s Champ is taking over a whole new endeavor…Tequila!

Over a year ago Dwayne Johnson, or, “The Rock” filed paperwork to secure rights to his own brand of tequila: Mana. Mana is Polynesian meaning pervasive supernatural or magical power. A perfect name for tequila that’s for sure! Unfortunately word on the street is that the name fell through because it was too similar to other trademarks. But, although there is no name on the label, there is a full lineup he is offering which is extremely exciting news. No stopping the People’s Champ!

The Rock posted a picture recently on Instagram where he claims he’s been tasting every batch of his tequila fresh out of the barrels from Mexico. Some of these barrels include Añejo which is aged over a year, a Silver which is unaged, and a Resposado which is aged at least two months in oak barrels. Quite a lineup!

So stayed tuned for The Rock’s release of his new tequila line. It’s said to drop this year!

One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila…FLOOR!