Put the “Key” Back in KEYSTONE!

On February 12th, Stone Brewing Company filed a lawsuit against MillerCoors for the rebranding of their Rocky Mountain themed Keystone beer. On their newly branded cans and cases, MillerCoors has dropped the “Key” in Keystone and simply write out “Stone.” Even on social media, MillerCoors has dropped the “Key” when referring to this beer. Well, Stone is not happy about it and thinks that MillerCoors should be “ashamed of themselves.”

Image by newschoolbeer.com

Co-founder and executive chairman of Stone Brewing Company, Greg Koch released a video on YouTube explaining why Stone is suing MillerCoors. Stone believes that Keystone’s new branding completely causes confusion in the marketplace. In big letters their beer says “Stone” with “Light” written right underneath it. Koch says that “light” would never, ever, be associated with Stone beer and that “Stone” belongs to Stone Brewing Company.

Well, the first round of hearings happened this past Tuesday, March 26th, 2019, and Stone won over the crowd. The court believes that Stone has a real case and issued a preliminary injunction against MillerCoors. They stated that, “Stone’s mark to be commercially strong and recognizable” is deserving of “strong protection.”

The war with Stone and MillerCoors is not over yet, but Stone at least had their first victory!

Cheers and may the best beer prosper,