Spring Beer 2019

The cold, dark winter is coming to an end, and spring is slowly announcing itself. The weekends are slightly warmer, barbeques have begun, and the preference for springtime beer has commenced. Enough with all of the sweet, heavy, syrupy beers of winter. Let us dive into the saisons and farmhouse beers, the sours, juicy IPAs and wit beers. Fresh, dry, fruity, hoppy beers are all the rage this spring. So let’s dive into what type of beer you should be drinking this spring, and give you a solid recommendation of what to pick up from the store this weekend!


Saison beers are Belgian beers brewed with pale malts and English and Belgian hop varieties. They are typically highly carbonated and taste somewhat spiced because of the fermentation that takes place under warmer temperatures. Fruity, spicy, and highly carbonated – saisons used to be low in ABV, but nowadays range from medium to high ABV. Here is a great saison for you to try:

Parcha!, Springdale by Jack’s Abby Brewing

Image by hopculture.com

New England IPAS

This hazy IPA is packed with delicious hops minus the bitterness. I would say New England IPAs (NEIPAs) are the perfect answer to warmer weather hoppy beers. You don’t feel as full or heavy drinking these hopful beers. As I drink NEIPAs I taste fruit forward, juicy, IPA flavor which comes from the late/dry hopping techniques that delivers this tropical hop experience. Delicious! Here is one of my favorite NEIPAs:

Save Your Drama for Your Llama, by Cypress Brewing

Image by cypressbrewing,com


You either love them, or hate them. Bacteria gives sour beers their mouth-puckering taste while the yeast gives it a funky and earthy quality. There’s all different styles of sour beers but typically they’re a lighter, refreshing beer. I had the first sour beer that I enjoyed this past weekend. Here you go:

Mooleta by Bolero Snort Brewery

Image by reddit.com

Wit Beer

A Wit beer is a Belgian Wheat Ale. Wit beers must be brewed with at least 25% wheat malts. They are fruity and lemony tasting with the addition of coriander seeds, orange peels, and other spices. Light and perfect for a backyard barbeque. Here’s a go to:

White by Allagash Brewing Company

Image by allagash.com

I hope you enjoy this selection of beer perfect for the springtime!