The Cauldron – NYC

Take a stroll down Stone Street, the famous cobblestone road of New York City and stumble into a magical world at The Cauldron. An establishment featuring the Apothecary and Pub which is located on the first floor, and a Potions Class and ticketed cocktail experience upstairs.

Book a Cauldron Magical Experience and enjoy crafting your own molecular potions, and pouring beers with your very own magical wand. Enjoy a welcome pint or mixed drink when you arrive, and then follow instructions to concoct two molecular potions that bubble, smoke, and change color! The entire magical experience lasts for about two hours and a potion’s master is there to guide you through the journey of mastering mixology. Tickets are being sold for $44.99 per person for off-peak hours and $54.99 for peak hours.

  • Off-peak Seatings: Monday-Thursday all day, Friday 11am-4:45pm, Sunday all day
  • Peak Seatings: Friday 5:00pm-close, Saturday all day

Alcohol-free, gluten, and vegan options are all available for the Cauldron Magical Experience. And, once you’re done crafting your own cocktails to enjoy, you can purchase additional drinks off of their Signature Potion’s Menu! After all of that drinking if you’re hungry, book a table at the Pub, here.

Cheers and happy potion making,