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PBR’s Whiskey – Aged for Five Seconds

PBR is an all-American go-to beer for hipsters and anyone who needs to save a buck. You can pick up a can for no more than $3 at your local dive. Well, big news…Matthew Bruhn, manager of PBR has leaked that they will be making their first spirit…Whiskey!

The very first spirit that PBR will be releasing is 80-proof whiskey, aged 5 seconds. Why 5 seconds? Well, when the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (or TTB) didn’t approve PBR’s whiskey because it wasn’t aged, Bruhn asked a very good question. What is considered aged whiskey? The reply, “No determined amount of time, if it touches wood, it’s a whiskey. Well, folks, that’s not all that goes into calling it a whiskey, but Bruhn took that to heart. This whiskey is made from 52 percent corn, 27 percent malted barley, 17 percent wheat, and 4 percent rye.

Bruhn claims that since this whiskey is not aged, it definitely has some kick. He says it would be best in mixed drinks or for taking shots. But, this is not a sipping whiskey.

I’m okay with that! Hopefully the bottle is $5!

Bruhn says this whiskey should release around summertime. Stay tuned folks!