Raised by Wolves – Named 2019 Cocktail Bar of the Year!

Imbibe, a James Beard award-winning magazine and website, named Raised by Wolves, in San Diego, the 2019 Cocktail Bar of the Year.

You will have to journey to a suburban mall in San Diego, and look for a blue storefront across from Apple in order to find this establishment. When you first step inside you enter an ornate bottle shop that sells all the ingredients and accessories you need to recreate this bar’s fun cocktails.

Image by imbibe.com

On the wall of the bottle shop there is a rotating fireplace that you go through to enter the bar area. Once you step inside you are transported into 19th century Paris.

Image by imbibe.com

Designed by Paul Basile, Raised by Wolves is inspired by French art Nouveau and Victorian Rococo Revival styles. There is a gorgeous Nouveau gazebo above the bar when you walk in, portraits of dogs plastered on the walls, beautiful embellishments and tables with chess on them for guests to enjoy. It is truly a stunning environment.

Image by imbibe.com

The Bar

Erick Castro, one of the founders of Raised by Wolves states, “Since the bar is kind of unexpected, I wanted the cocktails to be unexpected too.” He uses traditional recipes for drinks such as an Old Fashioned, and throws a twist on them. He adds ingredients like coconut fat-washed Irish whiskey and banana liqueur to make them intriguing. Complex flavors and playfulness are the drivers behind the bar.

So, if you happen to be strolling through Westfield UTC mall, be sure to stop by at this award-winning bar!