A NYC Speakeasy Creating Personalized Cocktails

The 18th Room is a speakeasy in Chelsea, NYC that welcomes each guest with a personalized cocktail experience. Owner of Bathtub Gin, Dave Oz opened 18th Room on 134 Ninth Avenue. The name of the speakeasy comes from the 18th Amendment which actually initiated the Prohibition. So, the feel when you enter this establishment is very much reminiscent of the 1920’s Art Deco vibe with smooth jazz and swing playing throughout the bar.

Image by ny.eaater.com

You can find this speakeasy tucked behind a faux coffee supply store. The bar boasts beautiful, tropical walls, velvet booths, brass details, and a very intimate atmosphere.

When you arrive, the host will greet you and begin to craft your flavor profile and spirit preferences. Then, your profile is transferred to the bar, where they begin to concoct your own personalized cocktail for you to enjoy. You can also choose to go with a cocktail on the menu which are all hand-crafted by manager Joseph Boroski. An example of one of his cocktails is the “Nailed It!” This cocktail embodies carrot whisky liqueur, whisky, house-crafted chocolate fudge, and smoked salt. Sounds intriguing to me!

So, bring a date and enjoy a truly inventive experience at the 19th Room.