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National Beer Can Appreciation Day!

Today celebrates the historic moment when beer cans were introduced to the market. January 24th, 1935 marks this day in history. The Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company teamed up with the American Can Company and delivered 2,000 cans of their finest beer and Cream Ale to their customers in Richmond, Virginia. Since the canned beer was so widely received, they decided to go ahead with production. In three months, over 80% of all distributors were selling Krueger’s beer. By the end of that year, over 200 million cans were produced and sold!


  • Customer did not need to pay a deposit on bottles anymore
  • Easier to stack during production
  • Faster chilling period
  • Ability to shotgun
  • Airtight seal with no headspace provides the freshest beer
  • The weight of cans is less than bottles, cutting the costs of shipping

So how can you celebrate? Well, start with buying a pack of beer. Make some beer-infused recipes! What about a beer chicken? Play some beer pong? Drink some beers and smash them on your head. Or, my favorite – shotgun!