SERRA ALPINA by Birreria

This month, Birreria, the Italian countryside restaurant on the rooftop of Eataly, NYC, will be transforming into SERRA ALPLINA.  SERRA ALPINA will feature rustic tables, stringed-twinkling lights, and breathtaking views. This greenhouse pop-up will be featuring Alpine dishes and unique mountain-infused cocktails. Dishes from hearty pastas, to rich braised meats will be served, as well as delicious northern Italian cheeses. The greenhouse concept will keep the menu true to local U.S. farms as well as high-quality Italian producers.

The cocktails.

SERRA ALPINA’S craft cocktails will be infused with mountain herbs. All I can think of is RIIIICOLLAAAAAAAAA! Sorry – anyway, these cocktails sound fantastic without even seeing the menu! There will also be house made Vin Brule’, an Italian mulled wine made with Italian bitters. Sounds delicious. And, for all of you Amari lovers, there will be a selection of 35 different Amari bottles.

Check out the menus above and book a table. It will be well worth it!