Jersey City’s Ice Cream Speakeasy!

Walk towards the kitchen, make a right, walk through the unmarked glass doors and order some boozy ice cream at Ani Ramen’s Ice Cream Speakeasy in Jersey City.

Luigi’s Ice Cream, located in both Metuchen and Red Bank opened up the first ice cream speakeasy in New Jersey. Alcohol has been infused into ice cream for many years, but what’s different about Luigi’s ice cream is that the alcohol is not burned off in the production – which means, more booze!

Luigi is introducing alcohol-infused ice cream flavors such as Hennessy and pineapple ice cream, Patron XO Cafe and chocolate chip ice cream, Godiva Dark Chocolate Liqueur and fudge brownie ice cream, and RumChata Liqueur with Vanilla Ice Cream and Cinnamon Toast Crunch finished with whipped cream. Yummy! There’s also hope of infusing their ice cream with Sake and Whiskies. Mmmmm!

So check out Ani Ramen in Jersey City, get some whiskey, get some ramen, and most importantly get some alcoholic dessert!