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Hopsy is a convenient, beer delivery service that will send you a SUB home tap, so you can enjoy freshly tapped beers in your own home. For $139.99 on your first purchase you will receive the SUB Home Tap, 2 mini-kegs, and 2 Hopsy glasses. The Sub Home Tap is a compact home draft appliance that requires you only to plug it in and pour! It fits right on your counter top! Each mini-keg holds 67 oz. of beer which is approximately 6 servings.

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You can subscribe to Hopsy’s Beer Club which allows you to receive fresh beer every 2, 4, or 6 weeks. The subscription is $59.96/mo. And you receive 4 mini-kegs. You can always add more as needed! Simply fill out your taste profile, choose your frequency, and Hopsy will do all the work. You can choose to receive hoppy, light, dark beers, or a mix of those options. Hopsy is partnered with over 50 breweries. And, once you set your beer preferences, you can always change them!

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Order your Hopsy kit now and save $100 on your first order! Click here to find out more about Hopsy!

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