How to Make a Pumpkin Keg

A pumpkin keg is a really cool way to impress your guests.  An even cooler idea is hosting a pumpkin keg making party!  Below I have lined out the simple directions into creating a masterpiece!

Here’s what you will need:

  • 1 pumpkin large enough to hold your desired volume of beer
  • knife
  • large metal spoon
  • pen
  • torch (optional)
  • spare keg faucet and shank setup or a pumpkin keg tap kit

And here are the directions:

You are going to start the same exact way as if you were carving a pumpkin!  Start by cutting off the top around the stem and scrape off any excess strings or seeds. Then, scrape the inside to remove all seeds and fibrous strands.  Be careful not to scrape too far into the pumpkin walls, we don’t want to make the pumpkin too thin.  It needs to hold a lot of beer!

Once the pumpkin is done being scraped, you can either leave the insides as is (which will give the beer a little bit of a raw pumpkin taste) or you can torch the inside of the pumpkin (which will leave a taste of burnt sugar in the beer.)  Both are not bad!

It’s time now to place the faucet in the pumpkin.  You want to place it on the pumpkin as low as possible to reduce dead space and get the optimum amount of beer delivered to your cup.  Hold up the faucet shank over the spot where you would like to insert it into the pumpkin. Trace the faucet and then using a small knife, carve out the hole. Make sure you cut it on the smaller side.  You don’t want it to be too big or there will be leaks.

Tighten the faucet to the shank and test the faucet with water. Check for leaks!

Once your pumpkin has passed the test, fill with carbonated beer, toss on the lid and enjoy!