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The Rise and Fall of Tequila

Tequila is all the rage right now, and Mexican agave farmers are struggling to keep up with the hype. Producers are starting to pull up plants prematurely just to keep up with the high demand.  What does this lead to?  Bad quality tequila.  Farmers are also worried with such a raise in price that theft is on the rise as well.  Now, they have to spend more money to make sure their beloved plants are secure.

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Tequila brands that do not always have a guaranteed supply of agave are soon going to be squeezed out of the market.  The U.S alone imports more than 171 million liters(2017) and Spain, 5 million according to the Regulatory Council of Tequila. The price of 750 milliliters is at an all-time high of $21.30.  If the price of agave keeps shooting up, brands without contracts are doomed.  The farmers that have partnerships with tequila companies will be profiting from this turn of events, but independent growers are taking on lots of expense, not knowing whether the price of agave will be too low once their agave matures.  Agave takes seven years to mature– that’s a long time!

So, in conclusion, to all of you tequila drinkers out there – slow it down!  Help out these farmers in Mexico.  And, hopefully the quality of your tequila will be the same it was 20 years ago.