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77 Natties

Natural Light Introduces the 77-pack.

A limited edition case of Natty Light has just landed in Maryland. 77 Natties in one case. This is a frat bro’s wet dream! This 77-pack of beers weighs in at about 65 pounds and costs less than $30. Unfortunately, with the potency of Natural Light beers you’ll need about 10 to feel drunk. But, that’s why they now offer these colossal packs! This pack is perfect for parties, shot gunning beers left and right, smashing them on your head and throwin’ them on the ground!

The announcement of the 77-pack came from Natural Light’s Twitter. The pack is in celebration of the creation of Natural Light in 1977. Genius! The only downfall is, it’s only available in College Park, Maryland. The University of Maryland students must be feeling pretty exclusive about this. I know I would! It’s only about a 3 hour drive from New Jersey, who’s down to go pick up a 77-pack!?