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French Wine Dangers with Climate Change

Hotter summers in Bordeaux are making winemakers and farmers weary of whether their grapes will survive global warming. Since 1950, the average temperature in Bordeaux has risen close to four degrees Fahrenheit.   Due to the scorching summer heat, farmers in this region began picking their grapes earlier so they did not over-ripen. The fruit becomes too sweet and too ripe leaving a less acidic, more alcoholic wine which is not comparable to the traditional wine of Bordeaux. This unfortunately causes an imbalance in the maturation of the grape leading to less preferred wine.

Over 700 million bottles of mostly red wine are produced in one year with over $2 billion in sales from exporting all over the world. This happens all in Bordeaux. That is why owners need to start realizing global warming is happening, because in a couple of years, their award-winning wines could be extinct.

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The strategy to beat global warming

Scientists are telling wine producers that they need to start breeding grape varieties that can withstand more heat. The problem with this is, the process in which wine is made in Bordeaux is close to perfection. Changing the mix of plant, soil, geology, climate…anything will result in a change to the wine. And, winemakers are not okay with that. Also, including different grape varieties in the production of wine will need to be approved by the French authorities. Laws will need to be changed! This is earth shattering for the wine world of Bordeaux. Picking grapes earlier in season can be a short-term fix for now, but, it seems France will need to come up with a more viable solution…fast.

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