How Much is Your POUR Worth?

BevSpot, the bar management software platform responsible for inventory, invoicing, ordering, and sales data in your bar released a brilliant resource discussing cocktail profitability. They provide a breakdown of each cocktail’s unit cost vs. unit profit and it is extremely helpful to craft a menu, or understand how bars’ craft their menus.

Pour cost – if a cocktail has a pour cost of 18%, then 18% of the drink’s price goes to paying for the drink itself. The remaining 82% goes to the bar’s operating expenses. The lower the pour cost, the higher the profit margin.

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In the graph above, BevSpot compares 9 of the most popular cocktails in bars across the US. The average price for these cocktails extends a little over $9, and the average cost to make these cocktails is around $1.60. The Manhattan is the most expensive drink for the bartender to make, and the Tom Collins brings you the most profit. Check it out:

The ManhattanPour Cost: 23.7%/Gross Margin 76.3%

Tom CollinsPour Cost: 12.4%/ Gross Margin 87.6%

This gives you a better idea of how bartenders and bar owners construct their menus! Very clever! I’ll still take the Manhattan. J

Check out more of this drink worthy data here and get the scoop on how much your pour is worth!