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Pulque – nectar of the gods

If you have not yet traveled to Mexico, then you have not tasted the infamous Pulque. Slimy, frothy and saliva-like are ways Natives would describe this alcoholic beverage to you. But to me, it reminded me of a delicious smoothie, not too filling, and flavored with all of the right fruits.

Pulque – nectar of the gods

Pulque is made from the sap of six different types of Maguey (agave plant). Unlike Mezcal and Tequila, Pulque is made through fermenting the sap of Maguey opposed to distilling it, and has an ABV of 4-7%.

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Pulque dates back about 2000 years and was first used for religious ceremonies. Among the indigenous people of Mexico, Pulque was served as a ritual intoxicant for priests and sacrificial victims, and was also used for medicinal purposes and celebratory events. The common person was not permitted to indulge in Pulque though pregnant women and elderly could because of its vitamin content, low levels of alcohol, and health benefits.

Today, there are over 1,000 pulqueias in Mexico City alone offering up this delicious beverage. You can try flavors such as pineapple, mamey, coconut, mango, guava, and tamarindo. A word to the wise – Pulque goes down easier than beer and doesn’t fill you up as much which can be dangerous. You may not feel drunk, but once you get up from that bar stool, whoa, check that your legs are fully functioning.

My favorite Pulqueria in Mexico City – Pulqueria los Insurgentes. Check it out!

Cheers to Pulque!