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American Big Beer Companies

Will you be bringing some “American big beer” with you to your Fourth of July party? Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Lite, Budweiser? No? Yeah, me neither.

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If it wasn’t for those damn millennials, America’s big beer industry wouldn’t be dying!

Seems like the media has recently been blaming the Millennials for literally everything “bad” happening in the US. Not fair! Anyway, The Beer Institute has released a statement that beer shipments from U.S breweries are down 3.5% this year…already! Why? Because people are more interested in other beverages! Craft breweries, meaderies, wineries, and distilleries are making our old “American big beer” companies look pretty stale. The Millennial generation is changing the beer industry because of their willingness to experiment with all different categories of beer. And, ever since venturing out to breweries became the “cool thing” to do, the craft beer market exploded, whereas the “American big beer” companies are on a downward spiral. Imported beer shipments are on the rise and up by 9.5%! America’s big beer companies need to think of something fast, or risk the chance of bottoming out.

So what beer are you bringing to the Fourth? I know that I’ll be serving up my favorite – All Day IPA by Founders

Cheers to good beer!