Budweiser Freedom Reserve; Red Lager

Since today is the first day of summer and the 4th of July is right around the corner; and it seemed like the perfect time to try the Budweiser Freedom Reserve! Their new limited edition lager is based roughly on George Washington’s home-brew recipe.

Technology obviously has changed since G.W.  made his beer, so Budweiser didn’t have to cover the brew’s yeast if it got too cold out, like the Founding Fathers did. Budweiser decided to take George Washington’s recipe as an inspiration of new flavors in this lager. They took the molasses and toasted barley grains in the original recipe to make the taste as close to the Presidents brew as they could.


Image from Meggie

We decided to test out the new lager for you guys. I won’t lie, I am not the biggest fan of a bud heavy, more of a BL type of girl (basic I know), but we tried it out without being bias. I would say it was a home run on Budweiser’s part. It tasted different than their normal Budweiser (I personally think tasted better) and it wasn’t an overly powerful taste. It was the perfect amount of molasses. The Freedom Reserve is definitely a beer you sip on and enjoy the flavors.

Image from Meggie;  Humans tasted, patriotic pups approved!

Not only is it good, but it was brewed by veterans at Budweiser. As well as benefiting the charity Folds of Honor, which provides educational scholarships to military families. So not only will you be sippin’ on a new lager, you’ll be supporting the troops, doesn’t get more American than that! If you want to see George Washington’s hand written, check it out here on the New York Public Library website. Try it out, let us know what you think.

Dilly, Dilly!