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The Mule 2.0

Sipping a Moscow mule from a frosty copper mug on a hot summer day is a great way to enjoy a refreshing cocktail that will cool you off. Another way can be drinking a Moscow mule straight from the can!

In 2014, Lisa Marlow decided that the world needed a quicker way to prepare and drink a Moscow mule. Instead of running to the store to pick up ginger beer, vodka, lime juice, and limes to enjoy creating one at home, now you can pick up Mule 2.0 at the store and enjoy one straight from the can! Or, pour it straight into your copper mug, fill with ice, and enjoy!

You can also turn the Mule 2.0 into an even boozier cocktail if 8% by volume spirits isn’t enough for you. Add some Irish whiskey and make yourself an Irish mule, Bourbon to make yourself a Kentucky mule, Tequila to make yourself a Mexican mule, or some gin to create a London mule.

Mule 2.0 is now available all across the US sold in 12 oz. singles or in a 4-pack. And, fun fact…they’re gluten free!

Check out their site to see where you can pick up your next Mule 2.0!