“Crap Beer” – A statement for Sustainability

Stockholm-based craft brewery, Nya Carnegie has produced Sweden’s first beer crafted from purified sewage water. New Carnegie Brewery, Carlsberg Sweden and IVL, the Swedish Environmental Research Authority collaborated to create PU:REST, with the brilliant idea stemming from Swedish researchers.

When IVL reached out to Nya Carnegie brewery to use their water technology to brew beer using sewage water, the brewery did not hesitate. SUSTAINABILITY at its finest!   Chris Thurgeson, head brewer at Nya Carnegie exclaims “As an environmentally conscious player in the food industry, we share the vision that producers and consumers must dare to think different to take care of earth’s resources.” This initiative is fantastic for the environment and puts an emphasis on the value of fresh water.

Although this beer will not be making it to the US as of now, it will be served in the restaurant of the New Carnegie brewery in Stockholm, a few select bars and festivals, and at a liquor retailer in Sweden.

Nice work Nya Carnegie brewery!