Image from Danyelle

Summertime Sessions

If you consider yourself a Hop Snob like I do, you know that sometimes the summer sun can be a little too much for enjoying a heavy, hoppy beer. That’s when I turn to Session IPAs.


The term “session” refers to the two allowable drinking periods given to shell production workers in England during World War 1. These sessions were from 11am-3pm and 7pm-11pm. Drinking during these sessions was a rule was enforced through 1988 when the Liquor Licensing Act was introduced. Most of the beers that were consumed during this time were 3 to 4 percent alcohol by volume (ABV). People would drink up to eight of these beers and still be coherent enough to return to work. Sounds like a lot, no?

Nowadays, the term “session beer” loosely applies to any beer with an ABV no higher than 5 percent. Sessions typically feature a nice balance between hops and malt and finishes crisp and clean. In the end, you get a nice, fresh hoppy taste without the high alcohol percentage, and without a terribly full stomach. One of my go-to session IPAs? Founders All Day IPA!