Drinking on a Diet

The gym is packed, you’re eating sad desk salads every day, and doing everything you can to get your steps in. Summertime is around the corner and we all know what that means…Time to slim down!

So, you have your diet down, you’re working out, living your best life – but how’s the drinking? Are you struggling to not have that glass of wine a night? Struggling to not drive to the brewery after work for a beer or two? Are you craving piña coladas, pool-side? Not today! That is no way to shed those extra pounds you gained from the dreadful winter!

Next time you roll up to the bar, keep these drinks in mind in order to save yourself a couple hundred, maybe thousand calories! And always remember, alcohol without the mixers = less calories while still getting LIT.

The Famous – Vodka Tonic

One shot of vodka contains about 97 calories. Add some zero calorie seltzer and a squeeze of citrus, and you have yourself a refreshing low-cal drink!

Rum and…Whiskey and Diet Coke

Whether it’s rum or whiskey, mix in a little diet coke and save yourself the calories. Try a smaller ratio of coke, and add lots of ice.

My favorite – The Manhattan

If you prefer not to sip your whiskey straight, mix in some sweet vermouth and bitters. Sugars and carbs here are low.

Gin Martini

One shot of gin contains 110 calories. Combine your gin with a little vermouth and throw in some olives. You have yourself a stiff low-cal drink!

A glass of wine!

A glass of wine by itself ranges from 100-130 calories. That’s not too bad! Maybe just refrain from drinking the whole bottle.

Low-Cal Cosmo

I love Cosmos. They’re light and refreshing. To make a nice low-cal Cosmo, use raspberry vodka, a splash of lime and cranberry, and a little club soda.

Enjoy shaping up!