Melovino- The Mead Bar

Dating back nine-thousand years, mead, an alcoholic beverage consisting of honey, water, and yeast has made a comeback and can be found in northern New Jersey. Melovino, the first and only mead bar in New Jersey opened behind the Millburn Village Shopping Center in the Vauxhall area of Union, New Jersey. Melovino offers up award-winning mead on draft, in bottle pours, and flight samples. Chocolate and cheese pairings are also available from time to time at the Mead Bar.

Fermenting honey and water is the purest way to create an alcoholic beverage. Thousands of years ago when honey was harvested and put into pots for preservation, in order to keep insects away, rainwater was collected and put into the pots as well. When it was time to remove the honey, what was left was incredibly sweet water that allowed for air-borne yeast to ferment the sugars into alcohol. Air-borne yeast is all around us, and as long as they have something to land on that provides moisture and sugar, they will take care of all of the work for you.

The honey can produce dry and sweet wines. Instead of using water, mead is often made with fruit juices and ciders. Also, natural fruits can be added to the mead as well as spices and coffee. Melovino’s founder and chief mead-maker, Sergio Moutela, flavors his meads with strawberries, wine grapes, pear juice, espresso, chipotle peppers, and many other interesting aromas.

There are about three-hundred meaderies in the US today with Melovino being the only meadery in New Jersey. You should definitely check out this great spot, and enjoy the oldest fermented beverage created. Check them out here!

Cheers to Mead,