Drink, Eat, Compost

In the United States 500,000,000 plastic straws are used daily. And, with such a short use, we would hope that there could be an answer to this plastic pollution we as Americans are causing. These straws are ending up in the water and people are estimating that in three decades there may be more plastic in the ocean than fish, by volume. This has inspired many anti-straw activists. Just this past summer, Asbury Park, New Jersey launched a “Straws by Request” program to help with a solution to marine debris, local litter, and storm water pollution.

Loliware is helping to put an end to this plastic pollution. In 2015, Loliware introduced edible cups made of fruit leather, and now, they have introduced the Edible Straw. This straw is as compostable as the original ryegrass straw, yet as sturdy as the plastic straw. The edible straws are made from seaweed-based material which can have flavor and nutrients added, just like the cups.

Loliware plans to target stadiums, fast food restaurants, coffee shops, and juice bars. The company is currently preparing for mass manufacturing and hopes to replace millions of straws in the next year!

Let’s help the universe! Have an edible straw and cocktail pairing party!