A Pint of Beer a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

We can thank beer for our salsa dance moves when no one else is dancing, for giving us liquid courage to be able to talk to our future soulmate, and for making our college experience forgettable…unforgettable? Right. Well, contrary to what our parents tell us growing up, beer in moderate consumption can actually be beneficial to our health in many ways. Here are ten good reasons why you should be drinking beer tonight!

  1. Italian researchers found that moderate beer drinkers have a 42% lower risk of having heart disease opposed to non-drinkers. 5% alcohol by volume a day is key.
  2. No anemia here! Vitamin B12 and folic acid are found in beer, which reduces the chance of being anemic, helps with growth, memory, and concentration!
  3. Beer consumption can up the levels of GOOD cholesterol, reducing the risk of dementia and cardiovascular diseases.
  4. According to an Oregon Health & Science University study, having one or two beers a day can boost your immune system and fight infections.
  5. Drink beer, have strong bones! In a study from Tufts University, men who had one or two brews had 4.5% greater bone density than non-drinkers. But, no more than two!
  6. High blood pressure? Drink a beer. Regular beer drinkers are found to have lower blood pressure than wine and spirit drinkers.
  7. I love me some hops! The Dutch have found that beer drinkers have 30% more vitamin B6 in their bodies than non-drinkers. This is all thanks to those little buds named hops. Let’s give it up to hops for battling heart disease! The USDA estimates that controlled drinking prevents about 26,000 deaths a year by lowering the rates of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.
  8. Live long and prosper. The Department of Agriculture stated that moderate beer drinkers live longer than non-drinkers after reviewing 50 studies.
  9. Learn to cook with beer, NOW! Certain types of carcinogens called heterocyclic amines (HCAs) are formed when beef, fish, or poultry are cooked in a frying pan or on a grill. If you marinate your meat in beer it can reduce the HCAs by up to 70%. The sugars within the beer block HCAs from forming. SCIENCE.
  10. Expand your creativity! The journal, Consciousness and Cognition stated that having a beer or two can expand your creativity. 40 men watched a movie while completing verbal puzzles. Men with blood alcohol content of .075 solved problems seconds faster than their sober counterparts
  1. Cheers to beer,Danyelle