Egg white cocktails are by far my favorite drink to order, no matter what liquor is in the concoction. Egg whites make any drink silky, light, fluffy, and elegant. Traditionally all sour drinks were made with egg whites including my two favorites: Pisco Sour and Whiskey Sour. Although, most places don’t put egg whites in whiskey sours anymore. What’s the deal?!

Many people cringe at the idea of putting egg whites in a cocktail. They believe that egg whites should just be eaten for breakfast…but they’re wrong! The egg whites don’t contribute much flavor to the cocktail, and really enhance the texture.  And, if you’re worried about eating raw egg whites, be extra cautious and purchase pasteurized egg whites. A typical carton of eggs will do though.

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Here’s how you properly mix up an egg white drink: First, crack open an egg and give it a sniff to make sure it is nice and fresh. Discard the yolk and dump the egg white into a shaker. Add all of the ingredients of your concoction minus the ice to your shaker. Seal the shaker and shake vigourously.

Here are some egg white cocktail recipes to try at home