Boozy Easter Eggs

Easter egg Jell-O shooters are a fun and creative way to turn your family get together into a party! Traditionally there aren’t any alcoholic beverages that are a staple on Easter. Some Mimosas or Bloody Mary’s after church, a little wine with dinner, maybe some nice cocktails…but we want fun and colorful! So, make some fun Jell-O shooters for your guests and throw an Easter egg hunt rager! #ADULTING

Jell-O Shots in an Egg

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These boozy Easter eggs are simple to make by just filling plastic Easter eggs with Jell-O, sealing them, and refrigerating. It’s that easy! This gives you the option of having a boozy Easter egg hunt! I want a boozy Easter egg hunt! Here’s how to do it:

Step One:

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Place the halved plastic Easter eggs in an old egg carton. Make sure that when you stand the eggs in the carton, you use the larger half of the plastic egg. This guarantees the perfect amount of Jell-O shot per egg. J

Step Two:

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It’s time to make the “adult” Jell-O. For every Jell-O packet, boil 1 cup of water and stir in the gelatin. Next, it’s time to add the liquor. I usually do 1:1 ratio, but you could add some fruit juice or cold water to the liquor if you don’t want them too boozy. Wait, what?! A favorite recipe of mine is: 1 Cup Water, 1 Jell-O packet, ¾ C. Mango Rum, ¼ C. Orange Juice.

Step Three:

It is time to fill the eggs! If you did not mix your Jell-O in a measuring cup, transfer the mixture to one for easy pouring. Gently fill the Easter egg halves, and place lid on top. Refrigerate for a couple hours and voila, they’re ready!

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All you have to do now is plan an Easter egg hunt mid-day to get the party started!

Cheers and Happy Easter!