Tailgating Tips for the Big Game

Sunday, February 5th is the Big Game! And, there’s no better way to prep for the game than marinating meats to grill, packing coolers, busting out lawn games, and rocking your teams craziest gear. The tailgate is sometimes the best part of the Big Day so you need to make sure you have all of the essentials with you. Here is a checklist of things you will need to prepare and bring for this year’s Big Game!


Preparation. Marinate your meat the night before the tailgate. Also put together any kebabs and salads the night before so you can just stick them in the cooler and go. Stick some waters in the freezer to double as ice for the cooler.

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The cooler. Make sure there’s someone in the house that knows how to pack a proper cooler.

Image from ahealthieryou.meijer.com.

Pack the essentials. Tools for the grill, bottle openers, ice (lots of ice), propane or charcoal, plates, cutlery, garbage bags, cups, and some foil and Tupperware for leftovers.

Image from hiconsumption.com.

Safety first. Pack a first Aid Kit just in case! You’re dealing with fire, glass, alcohol, games…you never know what could happen!

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Seating. Folding chairs, beach chairs, hammocks, and inflatable chairs are necessary for sitting and enjoying a cold brew. Just make sure there are cup holders!

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Games.   Beer pong, polish horseshoes, spike ball, ladder ball, Kan Jam, and Corn Hole are all winning games to have at your tailgate. Even bring a pig skin just to toss around.

Image from thejacksonvilleparty.com.

Folding Tables. To set up your spread of food, or for playing beer pong, folding tables are necessary for your tailgate.

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Portable Grill. Have to cook up the meats and veg! This is necessary.

Image from backyardcity.com.

Beer. Lots and lots of beer. Try having fun picking a couple different beers representing your team’s state!

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A Designated Driver. If you’re going to the game, please make sure you have a safe way of getting home! Get a DD!

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Always remember…tailgating is a way of life. Have fun at the game!