New England and Atlanta’s Top 3 Brew Choices for the Big Game

Last Sunday concluded the conference championship games and gave us the two contenders for Super Bowl LI: The New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons. The Patriots have frequented the Super Bowl recently whereas the Falcons are competing in the big game for the second time ever and have never won a Super Bowl.

In spirit of the two teams playing, I thought I would bring you some of the best beer from their respective states. So whether or not your team made it to the Super Bowl, show your spirit with drinking one of the contender’s homeland brews.

3 New England Brews

Spencer Trappist Ale

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Spencer Brewery, Spencer, Massachusetts

Spencer Brewery is the only Trappist Brewery in the US. The monks of St. Joseph’s Abbey brew this Belgian-style table beer and consume it only on Sunday evenings.

Pot & Kettle

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Trillium Brewing, Boston, Massachusetts

A signature porter brewed with oats, and embodies flavors of chocolate and malt. Smooth and nourishing with dark fruit notes such as dates, cherries, and raisins.

Jack’s Abby Hoponius Union

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Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers, Framingham, MA

Hoponius Union is a traditional IPA with a twist. It combines larger yeast fermentation with West Coast IPA hops, ferments cold and aged for extended periods of time. The taste is of tropical fruit and citrusy hops.

3 Atlanta Brews

Bourbon Barrel Wake-N-Bake

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Terrapin Beer Company, Athens, Georgia

This Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout is a great way to start the morning off right, for the day of the Big Game. Terrapin and Jittery Joe’s teamed up to make an amazing blend specific for this big Imperial Stout.


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Reformation Brewery, Woodstock, Georgia

A Belgian-Style Ale, (technically a Belgian Dubbel), Cadence embodies and abundance of malt and mild hoppiness. Cadence reminds us that there is a rhythm to life and that every day deserves a moment to give thanks and to enjoy the good gifts.


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Orpheus Brewing, Atlanta, Georgia

A year-round beer based off the heroine Atalanta embodying piquant, deceptive robustness, and a bit wild. A plum saison full of acidity and fruit. A perfect beer to pair with food!

Enjoy the game!