Summer Sips for Chicks

We would like to introduce our friend Kelly to you all! She is giving the perfect tips for drinking in the summer  for our female readers. Kelly Bennett brings to the table an entrepreneurial passion that combines the art of writing, public speaking and her love for empowering others to put their best foot forward.  She holds a B.A. in Education with a concentration in English/Reading from the University of Texas at Austin and her background includes teaching (both local and international), curriculum development, public speaking, creative writing, technical writing and consulting/fundraising for nonprofit organizations. 

With Summer just around the corner, women across the country are once again obsessed with the thought of shorts and bathing suits, and the constant struggle to stay fit and trim. As soon as Memorial Day hits, it seems everyone goes into party mode and the summer fun begins…..pool parties, backyard barbecues, weekends at the lake or beach usually include cocktails, right? Unfortunately, this liquid pleasure can be chock full o’ calories, too (it’s so irritating!)

Our NYC girl, Bethany Frankel, hit the jackpot several years ago when she created her Skinny Girl beverage line. Beginning with the Skinny Margarita, she soon created other skinny cocktail concoctions as well as wines, too. Chances are you won’t have her products at parties and get togethers, so you’ll want to come up with some other options for that solo cup…so here are a few tips that allow you to enjoy a drink or two and STILL stay bootyliscious:

#1) Always drink water. Alcohol dehydrates you and leads to water retention…which causes bloating…drink a glass of water with each cocktail….the 1:1 ratio is key, my sistas!

#2) Drink beer in moderation and Only Lite Beer…beer is filling and puts on the belly fat.

#3) Add club soda or tonic to a mixed drink. It allows you to enjoy the same cocktail for a longer period of time, therefore you drink less…which means less calories!

#4) Go strawless! A straw encourages big slurps and fast drinking….sipping cocktails allows you to go slow and enjoy….ahhhhh..

#5) Pieces of fresh fruit add color, flavor and taste. Fill your cocktail with citrus fruits or berries…..when your drink is done…you’ll have a healthy snack to nosh that’s delicious and keeps you hydrated and energized.



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