A Whiskey Lovers Guide to NYC

Is it quantity or quality that separates the best bars boasting whiskey? Perhaps it is both. One thing for sure is that a glass of whiskey goes best with certain conditions. Whether it be the Irish or Scottish atmosphere setting or the traditional American foods that are harmonious with the pour of whiskey, our selections are based off of quantity of the list, quality of the taste, and the ambiance provided that gives way for that perfect night out.

Here are 12 of our recommended establishments serving the best and most whiskey’s around:

Brandy Library The following recommendations do proceed in alphabetical order, but how fitting that Brandy Library be first to detail. A classy ambiance with a 15 page whiskey menu, the Brandy Library has one of the most extensive lists in all of New York City. The comprising list includes over 250 Scotches, 100+ American whiskey’s, 25+ Irish whiskey’s, 19 Canadian whisky’s, and 14 additional selections from all around the world. At this library, your knowledge expansion comes from the liquor shelves, not the book mantles.

Caledonia Scottish Pub – Situated on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, the Caledonia is a friendly authentic rendezvous for those with an appetite for the Scottish liquids. Serving the Scotches from the five primary regions, Speyside (45), Highlands (22), Islay (22), Islands (12), and Lowlands (6), at the Caledonia the soothing sounds are that of whisky pouring into the glass.

Char No. 4 – The emphasis here is American whiskey, with a gallant selection of Bourbon’s and Rye’s. To name a few, they offer 61 traditional Mashbill Bourbon’s, 9 Wheat Bourbon’s (1 Wheat whiskey), 11 Rye’s, 7 Corn whiskey’s, 4 Blended American whiskey’s, and 3 American Single Malt whiskey’s. Oh yeah – they also have a selection of nearly 50 Scotches, 16 Irish whiskey’s, 5 Canadian whisky’s, and 3 flavors from Japan.

Club Macanudo – Another Upper East Side establishment with an impressive whisky list, predominantly the Scotches, is the cigar friendly Club Macanudo. With a lounge, bar, and dinning area, you can get a pour of one of those 103 Scotches, 14 Premium Blended whisky’s, 10 Irish whiskey’s, or a small batch of Bourbon at your convenience while lounging with a suitable tobacco flavor chosen from a considerable group of choices.

Croton Reservoir Tavern – Midtown’s gem on West 40th, with a monumental display of liquors behind the oak bar, the Croton is a modern tavern with a selection of fine pours boasting quality. On display are 50+ whiskey’s, mostly Irish and Canadian, 33 Bourbon’s, and 80 Scotches (which include 62 Single Malts). Paired perfectly with its sensational modern cuisine, the Croton serves its guests with their admiration for whiskey.

Rye House – An arrangement of Bourbon’s (53), Rye’s (24), Irish whiskey’s (18), and a lesser display of brown liquors from Sweden, Japan, France, Canada, and India, at the Rye House your whiskey taste buds will surely be gratified. In addition to the fine Bourbon’s and whiskey’s (or whisky’s), a tremendous Scotch selection prevails with nearly 50 different selections and 11 Blended Scotches.

Spike Hill – In the heart of Williamsburg stations one of Brooklyn’s finest establishments for live musical entertainment. To go along with a splendid selection of different Single Malt Scotch brands (26), Blended Scotches (10), 25+ American whiskey’s, and 10 Irish whiskey’s (among others), Spike Hill creates an all around get experience for those looking to spend the night out listen to and tasting quality.

St. Andrews – For the eyes welcoming Scottish whisky, the liquor on display at St. Andrews is a site for sore eyes. The menu exhibits Scotches from Speyside (77), Highlands (48), Islay (26), Island Malts (22), Campbeltown (8), Lowlands (8), Perthshire (8), and continuing on with a selection of 22 Premium Blends and a small collection of Irish whiskey (11). Proper with the traditional pub grub offered from its menu, this Time Square establishment is a safe choice for relishing your whiskey needs.

Verlaine – While the buzz of Verlaine is centered around its signature cocktails and reasonable Happy Hour specials, the whiskey selection ought not to be overlooked. The assortment is of 35 small batch and single barrel Bourbon’s and Ryes and a compilation of 29 Single Malt Scotches from the Islands, Lowlands, and Highlands in the main. An allocation of visitor chatter of Verlaine’s whiskey pours seems only appropriate.

Vintry Wine and Whiskey – The intimate establishment of the group featured here, but also with a stellar selection of whiskey’s. It’s pride and joy features 125+ Single Malt Scotches, and over 100 miscellaneous whiskey choices, including 28 Irish whiskey’s, 29 Kentucky Bourbon’s, 12 Rye whiskey choices, 5 Moonshine selections, 4 Wheat’s and 3 whiskey’s from Tennessee.

The Whiskey Ward – The proverb goes: “What whiskey will not cure, there is no cure for,” and that same mentality is intact at the Whiskey Ward. With Bourbon (37), Single Malt Scotch (36), Irish whiskey (15), Rye’s (14), and 15+ other selections of whiskey offered to serve your graces, you can get your drink therapy at the Whiskey Ward without the documentation and approval from the healthcare clinics – might even save spare some change in the end. Oder yourself a whiskey flight served with (3) one-ounce pours of a custom made selections and give those taste buds something to long for.

Wildwood Barbeque – Whiskey has many marriageable conditions that go hand-in-hand, but there may not be a better affair with the alliance of food and beverage than the American traditional tastes of Barbeque and Bourbon. Positioned in the Gramercy district, Wildwood offers a selection of 42 Bourbons and 24 American whiskey’s to wash-down that smoke flavored brisket slapped on your plate. With a 50-jumbo projection screen TV broadcasting all of your favorite local sports games, the Wildwood serves as a primetime spot to eat, drink, and watch.

Did your favorite whiskey bar not make our list? Tell us your favorite whiskey bar in NYC!


– barHappy Team

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