How Owners Can Attract Customers: Creating Specials and Events

Our services are meant to help your business attract new customers and stay connected to existing ones. Controlling your business’ content on barHappy is easy and free of charge. A barHappy business account lets you interact with your customers and manage your online presence like never before. As a member, your barHappy business account will allow you to manage and highlight special promotions in real time. Here is how:

Create a special

Recurring specials

Recurring specials are designed to promote food and drink specials, along with entertainment, that occur on a daily/weekly basis. Great for promoting weekday Happy Hours, Trivia Night, or even Ladies Night Out, they serve as a one-time input that keeps an establishments promotions on a rotational routine schedule. NOTE: Owners can add/edit these specials at any time.

One time specials

Promote one time specials for annual sporting events, such the Super Bowl and March Madness, or for celebratory occasions like St. Paddy’s Day, where everyone is Irish. Otherwise, at times when activity is low, update and add last minute specials to attract customers – as highlighted by’s featuring of the barHappy app.

Create an event

Ideally for promoting larger-scaled events, this tool serves as a great way of keeping users aware of events occurring in their city. Big time events, such as a New Years or Halloween party,¬†allows business’ to bring in new customers while users can then plan their night out with friends.

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– barHappy Team

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