#barFail: Ridding the World of Crappy Nights Out, One LOL at a Time

Remember life before barHappy? Like the time you flew across the county to watch your team win the big game, ran full body-painted into the nearest bar, and then noticed everyone else was sporting six inch heels instead of foam fingers.

We like to call that a “barFail.”

Oh, and if the drinks were four times more expensive than the place right next door, that’s a double barFail. Get the idea?

We’re on a hunt for the biggest and baddest barFails out there. Photos. Videos. Tweets. We want it all.


Call it an act of public service, call it heroics. Whatever. We like to think of it as a personal vendetta: to tell the world that crappy nights out suck, and awkward bar moments are only funny when they happen to other people, not your crew.

So if you’re up for the challenge, join us. Heck, make barFail your New Year’s Resolution, but then you might not actually keep it, so maybe that’s not smart….

How do you participate? Good question.

Follow our super sarcastic, but painfully truthful expert on Twitter for daily advice and best-of-the-best barFail retweets, then contribute your own two cents. Simple. Not a tweeter? Check out the conversations and content we’ve got going on Tumblr and our Facebook page. Trust us, there’s a place for you.

Now, go out and help us rid the world of lame Friday nights, one barHappy virgin at a time.

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