8 New Year’s Eve Traditions

New Year’s Eve is 8 days away! We have begun the countdown to help you prepare for the biggest party of the year! Today, we are giving you New Year’s Eve traditions from around the world, try out one at your party. Just in case you missed the start of the countdown, here’s 10 Classic Champagne Cocktails, and 9 Hangover Cures. Cheers to 2017!

Today’s countdown is one of our most interesting! We looked into the different cultures around the world and how they bring in the new year, here our top favorite drinking traditions. If you have a special tradition you, your friends, and family do let us know!

8. Toasting champagne is one of the most traditional celebration around the Western World. People cheers and celebrate the past year’s blessings while looking forward to the future with hope and luck.

7. Spain changes up the normal champagne cheers Cava with The Grapes Gorge. They pour themselves some Cava and add 12 grapes then at midnight they eat each grape to bring good luck in the coming year.

Image from http://www.lacelebracion.com.

6. Let’s head over to Russia now! Their tradition is very interesting. They write their New Year’s Eve wish on a piece of paper, burn it, put it in the champagne and drink it down! I am all for good luck and hoping my wishes come true but I don’t know if this is something I would try.

5.  If you are looking for the cure for Evil, you’ll probably want to try out Japan’s tradition. They indulge in O-Toso, a spiced, and medicinal sake, it cleanse the body of the maladies of the previous year, and will bring good luck in the new one.

Image from wikipedia.com.

4. At midnight,  in Scotland, they celebrate the New Year with Hogmanay. This tradition is the “First Footing”, where a dark-haired male tries to be the ‘first foot’ to enter a neighbor’s house, bringing gifts, food, but most importantly whisky to toast the New Year.

3. Now this traditional drink I can get behind. In Germany, they make Feuerzangenbowle, which is a warm mulled wine mixed with cinnamon, cloves, and orange peel. Then on a large, cone-shaped holder, they put a piece of sugar that’s soaked in rum, above the wine, and set on fire. Then, the sugar caramelizes and melts into the mulled wine.

Image from ww.germany.info.

2.In Belarus, they play a game on New Year’s Eve to decipher which women will marry first. Similar, to catching a bouquet at a wedding, each woman sits in front of a pile of corn with a rooster in the middle. Whoever the rooster goes to will be the first to wed.

1. This might be my favorite tradition. In Holland they bring in the New Year with Champagne and Donuts.   with a traditional Dutch “oliebollen” basically a donut forefather studded with raisins or currants and dusted with powdered sugar.

Hope you enjoyed learning about the different traditions as much as we did! Maybe you can add some into your New Year celebration.



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