National Hot Toddy Day!

The Hot Toddy is amongst the classic winter cocktail favorites because it warms the soul and also helps remedy the common cold. A classic cocktail that unfortunately is not found on too many cocktail lists, the Hot Toddy is perfect for sipping on a cold winter night, or used as a night cap. In 18th … Continue reading “National Hot Toddy Day!”

NYC Hangover Recovery Kit Delivered to your Door!

You wake up on New Year’s Day feeling groggy, head pounding, you can’t move, and all you want is greasy delivery food to soak up the large quantities of alcohol you drank last night. Well, Vita Coco and Postmates teamed up to bring you just that. A hangover recovery kit with the following essentials: a … Continue reading “NYC Hangover Recovery Kit Delivered to your Door!”

Top 5 Bottles of Bubbly Under $20

New Year’s Eve is 5 days away and it is time to stock up on bubbly for your bottle popping festivities. There’s nothing better than ringing in the new year with a nice glass of champagne, or champagne cocktail while toasting to the good life! Buying Champagne or Prosecco can be costly when you’re having … Continue reading “Top 5 Bottles of Bubbly Under $20”

3 Egg Nog Recipes for the Holiday Season

No holiday party is complete without a little egg nog to sip on. This frothy, eggy beverage can be traced all the way back to medieval England where once it was an egg-based wine or ale mixture. But now, a traditional recipe calls for eggs, milk, heavy cream, bourbon or rum, and a little nutmeg … Continue reading “3 Egg Nog Recipes for the Holiday Season”

Brandied Fruit Day!

Have you heard of brandied fruit? It’s a perfect way to sneak in some booze with your dessert. Or, if you want a semi-healthy snack that’s extra tasty, you can whip out a couple of these to enjoy. I’m not sure if boozy snacks can be healthy, but hey, it’s fruit! A simple recipe for … Continue reading “Brandied Fruit Day!”

It’s Orange Wine Day! But, What’s Orange Wine?

The term “orange wine” was first coined by British wine importer, David Harvey. It’s used to describe a non-conventional style of white winemaking that is unknown to many wine drinkers, typically hailing from the northeast region of Italy. To make an orange wine, white grapes are mashed up and placed into a vessel to begin … Continue reading “It’s Orange Wine Day! But, What’s Orange Wine?”

The Brewer’s Advent Calendar Sold at Costco!

Costco is at it again! The holiday season has yet to begin and advent calendars are already being sold. This time instead of a chocolate or wine calendar, behind each door is a can of craft German beer! Kalea, the makers of this wonderful advent calendar are trying to promote small craft breweries from all … Continue reading “The Brewer’s Advent Calendar Sold at Costco!”

National Hot Mulled Cider Day

The smell of autumn in a mug is all you need as the leaves begin to change, the days are getting shorter, and temperatures begin to drop. Fall is upon us, pumpkin spiced lattes are back, and everyone is just as basic as they always have been…dragging their significant others dressed in matching flannel to … Continue reading “National Hot Mulled Cider Day”

Top 5 Tequila Drinks – National Tequila Day – Wednesday, July 24th, 2019

Happy Tequila Day! One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor! Enjoy this national holiday with some refreshing tequila cocktails concocted with fresh ingredients instead of that awful margarita mix. Because, you’re better than that! My favorite? The Jalapeño Pineapple Margarita – the perfect amount of sweet and spicy! Here are my top 5 favorites. Enjoy! … Continue reading “Top 5 Tequila Drinks – National Tequila Day – Wednesday, July 24th, 2019”

National Mojito Day!

Oh thank heaven for 7-Eleven! Happy Free Slurpee Day everyone! Oh, and also, Happy National Mojito Day! There’s no better way than to cool off on a hot summer day than with a refreshing, minty Mojito. A cocktail that is far from pretentious, that simply decorates the rum inside of it. The key to making … Continue reading “National Mojito Day!”