James Beard Awards Semifinalists

Today, the James Beard Foundation released the list of semifinalists for the 2015 Restaurant and Chef Awards! For those of you who don’t know, these are annual awards for excellence in the food and drink industry, they are the Oscars of food.  The finalist will be announced on Tuesday, March 24, 2015. The awards ceremony will … Continue reading “James Beard Awards Semifinalists”

A Bar With a CAUSE: DC Establishment Lends Helping Hand to the Global Community

We have seen plenty of extraordinary business ideas tossed around the country within the restaurant and bar industry, but our attention has been latched on to by the efforts of a D.C. based establishment with an innovative concept fixated on lending a helping hand for the disadvantageous. Owners Nick Vilelle and Raj Ratwani of CAUSE answer our … Continue reading “A Bar With a CAUSE: DC Establishment Lends Helping Hand to the Global Community”

The District’s Best Beer Bars

What defines a “Beer Bar” and what makes it better than the rest? Quality or Quantity? Perhaps both. Whether flipping through pages of an extensive beer menu or glancing at the tap station on spotlight, the anticipated first sip certainly meets expectations, especially for those in the District. Here are our picks for the top Beer Bars in the … Continue reading “The District’s Best Beer Bars”

Capitals Playoff Game Day Specials

Is this the year Alexander the Gr-8 hoists the cup? Only time will tell. And while we wait patiently, or not, there are plenty of locations to “Rock the Red” for this years quest for the Stanley Cup. Here are notable drink specials for each Capitals playoff game: District 2 – $4 Redd’s Apple Ale … Continue reading “Capitals Playoff Game Day Specials”

Open Bar Events in DC

A little infatuation of ours is keeping those motions of reaching for your wallet to a minimal amount. And the bar community in DC does a great job at that too. Happy hours and daily specials, but it’s the open bar policies that get us off the edge of our seats. Here are some known open bar … Continue reading “Open Bar Events in DC”

Verizon Center Guide for 2013 March Madness

This years “Madness” takes place at Georgetown’s coliseum as the action for the Men’s NCAA Sweet 16 and Elite 8 will take place at the District’s very own Verizon Center. Starting on Thursday March 28th, the resurging Miami Hurricanes will take on a resilient squad in Marquette with tip-off at 7:15pm. The “Madness” continues afterwards as … Continue reading “Verizon Center Guide for 2013 March Madness”

March Madness Specials in DC

Sure there are plenty of bars serving food and drink specials, but they differ each day and they only run for a certain hourly length. And on the weekends, in most cases, Happy Hour ceases to exist. Not at these bars though. Not only are they serving great choices that keep the wallet heavy, but … Continue reading “March Madness Specials in DC”

Seven “Luck of the Irish” Pubs Celebrating St. Paddy’s Day

There are plenty of bars and pubs that are deserving to host and shelter your graces for this years St. Paddy’s Day celebrations. But the one’s we’ve selected provide the absences that most neglect to indulge upon. That is why we gathered our favorite Irish pubs featuring live authentic Irish melodies to go along with … Continue reading “Seven “Luck of the Irish” Pubs Celebrating St. Paddy’s Day”

A Whiskey Lovers Guide in DC

Some take the road of providing excess choices, while others stick to a primary origin or brand of Whiskey. But one thing is for sure, the different atmopsheres provided by all are worthwhile in visiting. Whether Irish, American, or English themed, the ambiance goes well with a small glass of the finest Whiskey. Here’s are … Continue reading “A Whiskey Lovers Guide in DC”

A Columbia Heights Guide of Bars and Restaurants

Situated in the Northwest region of central Washington D.C. you will find a small, but joyous community of just over 30,000 residents. In terms of the community offerings, there is literally something for everyone to enjoy. From a sports crazed environment, to an extensive wine collection, and late night and weekend hot-spots, there is a … Continue reading “A Columbia Heights Guide of Bars and Restaurants”