5 Cupid Cocktails

Set the mood this Valentine’s Day with these 5 sip-worthy cocktails inspired by love. If you’re looking to have a night of dinner and drinks with your Valentine, why not spice it up with some fancy cocktails? Fruity, bubbly, and chocolatey flavors can spark up the night for your friends, lovers, or even party goers. … Continue reading “5 Cupid Cocktails”

Cupid & Cocktails

February is the Month for LOVE and what better way to enjoy Valentine’s Day with your favorite guy or gal then a lovely dinner with cocktails?! There are so many signature drinks that look pretty and taste delicious but while investigating different recipes, I came across a drink called  “Passionate Kiss” and it is simply … Continue reading “Cupid & Cocktails”

barHappy’s #LoveLibation Giveaway

Once February hits, all we hear about is Valentine’s Day. People are either stressing about finding a date (or perfect date spot), enjoying it with friends or lovers, or they absolutely hate the ‘Hallmark Holiday‘ all together. At barHappy, we view this occasion as a great time to celebrate your love of a libation! In … Continue reading “barHappy’s #LoveLibation Giveaway”