The Guide to Pudding Shots

For your next party, leave the Jell-O shots behind and make room for sweet, delicious pudding shots.  Far superior to the Jell-O shot, pudding shots are great for dessert, or as a daytime party snack.  About 4 boxes of pudding can yield up to 200 pudding shots.  And if you are hosting the party, your … Continue reading “The Guide to Pudding Shots”

Worst Drinks Ever Invented

If you’re a drinker, chances are you probably have a favorite or go-to alcoholic beverage, and chances are you’ve also had a terrible experience trying something new/weird. Maybe you tried something because you trusted your friend when they said “it’s so good, you have to try it” or they told you it’s disgusting and dared … Continue reading “Worst Drinks Ever Invented”