Can’t miss Guinness spots in Denver

With St Patrick’s Day around the corner we wanted to share some joints that serve a proper pint of Guinness.  Check out some of their killer Happy Hour specials too.  Remember a good Guinness takes a little time. Dougherty’s Neighborhood Pub – Conveniently located on Ellsworth and Lincoln. Doughterty’s Restaurant & Pub is one the best … Continue reading “Can’t miss Guinness spots in Denver”

St Paddy’s Day in Minneapolis/St. Paul

Green Beer, Guinness, Jameson..It’s all available on St Patrick’s Day.  Here is a guide to some fun things to do throughout the weekend in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Keegan’s Pub– Keegan’s is a 2 day affair 3/16  Open for Breakfast 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM.  Special St Patrick’s Day menu all day.  Tent Party 4:00 PM – … Continue reading “St Paddy’s Day in Minneapolis/St. Paul”

Taps to Tap in Denver

Here is a guide to some of the best taps and craft brews in the Denver area.  We always love a good pint and wanted to share this with you. Alehouse at Amato’s – You can find Alehouse at Amato’s in the Lower Highland area.  Inside they pay tribute to Colorado craft brewing with 42 beers … Continue reading “Taps to Tap in Denver”

Taps to Tap in Austin

The following is a guide to some of the best spots for beer selections and craft beer in the Austin area.  Grab a pint and grub at some of these spots and give us your thoughts. Crown & Anchor -Since opening in 1987, Crown and Anchor Pub has been a favorite neighborhood spot of the … Continue reading “Taps to Tap in Austin”

Draft Magazine Announces Top Beer Bars for 2013

With the arrival of the new year, prior reviews and rants have been accumulated and Draft Magazine’s results have been tallied and publicized. From Draft Mag’s Top 100 Best Beer Bars for 2013, the attention is entirely concentrated on the best locations serving quality beers, which in the end ultimately and inevitably produces an eccentric ambiance and … Continue reading “Draft Magazine Announces Top Beer Bars for 2013”

Top Beers of 2012

As 2012 comes to an end (and not the world), let’s look back on the top beers of this year. Published by Draft Magazine, the list produced recommends the top 25 beers of the year, whereas this year; “To narrow it down, this time around we tweaked the rules: We focused only on bottled or canned beers … Continue reading “Top Beers of 2012”

Boston’s Favorite Bars Serving Craft Beer

A beer lovers quest to find an establishment serving the tastiest and flavorful libations, seasonal or continuously, can easily be located using barHappy. Apply the “craft beer” tag in the search filter for a list of establishments known for serving a great selection of the finest craft beers around. Using this outing template, invite and share with your friends … Continue reading “Boston’s Favorite Bars Serving Craft Beer”

Happy National Lager Day

Today, we give cheers to celebrate National Lager Day! Scientifically speaking, lagers are “yeast employed for a cooler  temperature and sinks to the bottom of the fermentation vessel…Hence lagers are “bottom fermented” beers”, explains In a more salivating way, the production of lagers provide drinkers in a smooth and light tasting manner, marking it has the … Continue reading “Happy National Lager Day”

A Taste of Autumn: NYC Bars Serving Beer-Cocktails

For some, saying goodbye to summer may be a disappointing and gloomy moment in their year. For others, the transition welcoming the autumn season comes with the anticipation of some of the finest libations around. The experience is centered on adding unique and more flavorful creations to the list of autumn’s offerings, with ingredients such … Continue reading “A Taste of Autumn: NYC Bars Serving Beer-Cocktails”