Trending Now: Craft Beers

Craft beer and craft breweries are a major trend for 2015. With breweries popping up all over….it’s hard for the average consumer to distinguish between craft and regular….the question asked by many is answered here: What EXACTlY is a craft beer? According to the Colorado-based Brewers Association, craft beer must be small, independent and traditional: … Continue reading “Trending Now: Craft Beers”

Best Winter Themed Drinking Games

What better way to spend your weekends in the dead of winter than playing some drinking games to keep yourself getting cabin fever? Here are some of my favorite indoor and outdoor winter themed drinking games to help pass the time this winter. As always please enjoy these games responsibly and know when you’ve had … Continue reading “Best Winter Themed Drinking Games”

Beer Myths Busted

In the quest for the truth about beer I came across the Top 10 Beer Myths from Largo Beverage Superstore and was surprised at some of these. Beer Myth 1: Beat the beer belly with light beer Sure light beer has less calories between 90-100. Regular beers typically have less than 200 calories…I had no idea! … Continue reading “Beer Myths Busted”

Weekend Happenings

Looking for something new to do this weekend but aren’t quite sure what to do? Don’t fret, we’re here to help with some suggestions for a range of different events and activities happening throughout the city this weekend. And don’t forget, as always if you’re looking for a bar or restaurant in your area be … Continue reading “Weekend Happenings”

Drink Trends for 2015

Whether you are an establishment owner, or just someone who likes to be in the know, we did the research and found the drink trends for this year! Baum and Whiteman, the World’s pre-eminent food and restaurant consulting company, that creates high profile restaurants around the world for hotels, restaurant companies, museums and other consumer … Continue reading “Drink Trends for 2015”

The Perfect Beer To Go With Your NBA Team

Thrillist continues to put out great reads and with the NBA season beginning we wanted to share this one with you.  Check out their list for the perfect beer to go with your team.  What will you be sipping on this hoops season? Atlanta Hawks Their beer: SweetWater Brewing Company’s Road Trip The Hawks were awful … Continue reading “The Perfect Beer To Go With Your NBA Team”

Fall Beer Review

For many people the fall is their favorite season, whether it’s because of the start of football season, pumpkin flavored everything or the weather. Fall, while it may not be my favorite season it certainly ranks a very close second thanks to football season and the fall beers that come with the cooler weather and leaves … Continue reading “Fall Beer Review”

Summer Brew Review

With Summer well underway and the big 4th of July weekend coming up we wanted to give you our insight on some of the popular and not so popular Summer brews. If you’re a big beer drinker like myself, give a few (or all) of these a try this weekend and throughout the rest of … Continue reading “Summer Brew Review”

Our Favorite Biergarten’s

Hoist your stein of beer, enjoy the outdoors and check out one or all of our favorite beer gardens (Biergarten’s). Biergarten at The Standard – When you find yourself strolling along the High Line, this place is definitely worth a stop.  They serve traditional German fare and in the winter it’s enclosed in glass.  Grab … Continue reading “Our Favorite Biergarten’s”

Best Sports Bars in NYC

While I’m sure you aren’t exactly down in the dumps that summer has unofficially kicked off with Memorial Day passing, if you’re an avid sports fan you realize it’s not long before we hit the dog days of summer of nothingness in the sports world. Before we hit the dog days where we don’t have … Continue reading “Best Sports Bars in NYC”