5 Irish Whiskey Cocktails for St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Drinking Irish whiskey this St. Patty’s Day? I don’t know a better way to commemorate St. Patrick! Invented by the Irish monks, whiskey predates Scotch by over seven hundred years. Most historians believe that it was invented sometime around 500 AD. Originally named Uisce Beatha, or The Water of Life, whiskey … Continue reading “5 Irish Whiskey Cocktails for St. Patrick’s Day”

Drink, Eat, Compost

In the United States 500,000,000 plastic straws are used daily. And, with such a short use, we would hope that there could be an answer to this plastic pollution we as Americans are causing. These straws are ending up in the water and people are estimating that in three decades there may be more plastic … Continue reading “Drink, Eat, Compost”

Drinking Through the 12 Days of Christmas

During this holiday season no celebration is complete without a glass of cheer. And for the twelve days of Christmas, there is nothing I want more than new festive cocktail recipes to spice up the wintry nights. So go ahead and indulge in these twelve cocktail recipes, celebrating the most wonderful time of year! On … Continue reading “Drinking Through the 12 Days of Christmas”

Beer Can Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving y’all! Want to try a different method for cooking your bird this year? The beer can turkey is a fantastic method for wowing your guests this Thanksgiving. Of course you’ll need the biggest can of beer you can find, but, if you’re not too picky, Fosters 24 oz. will do the trick! If … Continue reading “Beer Can Turkey”

5 Spooky Cocktails to Die For

Here are 5 spooky cocktails to serve up on Halloween night. Trick and treats aside, Halloween is a time for spooky, creepy concoctions. Whether you’re having a get together, or just want to have a cocktail while you’re giving out candy to all of the little kiddies… these should be your go to! Poisoned Apple … Continue reading “5 Spooky Cocktails to Die For”

The Aviary: From the Windy City to New York City

On October 4th, the Alinea Group debuted their much anticipated cocktail bar named, The Aviary, located in Columbus Circle, New York City. The Aviary is a highly experimental cocktail bar hailing from Chicago run by three-Michelin-starred duo, Chef Grant Achatz and partner Nick Kokonas. Lucky for us east-coasters, the immediate success of this bar lead … Continue reading “The Aviary: From the Windy City to New York City”

Jersey Drafts and Crafts Festival

On Saturday, September 16th, 2017, iPlay America will be hosting Jersey Drafts and Crafts Festival from 12:00-4:00PM. Everything at the festival ranging from beer to beef jerky will be grown or made locally in the Garden State. Benefits from this festival will be donated to the Garden State Craft Brewers Guild, representing the small breweries … Continue reading “Jersey Drafts and Crafts Festival”

A Pint of Beer a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

We can thank beer for our salsa dance moves when no one else is dancing, for giving us liquid courage to be able to talk to our future soulmate, and for making our college experience forgettable…unforgettable? Right. Well, contrary to what our parents tell us growing up, beer in moderate consumption can actually be beneficial … Continue reading “A Pint of Beer a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!”

Jersey City Opens Waterfront Lutze Biergarten

The Mack-Cali Corporation celebrated the grand opening of Lutze Biergarten last Friday on the Hudson Waterfront in Jersey City. This biergarten is Mack-Cali’s next step in their plan to “activate the Harborside.”   The 23,000-square foot biergarten offers 3 distinct seating areas, several fire pits, games, and an event stage to host local, live entertainment. Lutze … Continue reading “Jersey City Opens Waterfront Lutze Biergarten”


Fresh herbs in a cocktail add flavor, beauty, and depth. As the weather warms up, there is nothing I want to do more than to sit outside, enjoy the view, and sip on a delicious cocktail. If there are fresh herbs in that cocktail, it adds an earthiness character to that drink which makes it … Continue reading “SPRINGTIME HERB COCKTAILS”